Drive systems for thread formers

At Classic Fasteners LLC, we understand the importance of choosing the right drive system for your thread formers. The right drive system ensures efficient and effective installation and a secure connection that lasts.

Several types of drive systems are available in the market today, each with unique features and advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular drive systems:

What is Drive Systems for Thread Formers?

Drive systems for thread formers are used to turn the fasteners, which are designed to create threads in a material. The drive system is the shape and design of the tool or driver used to rotate the fastener, making it easier to install or remove. Drive systems come in different types, each with its advantages and disadvantages.


Phillips is a drive system used in fasteners like screws and bolts. It has a cross-shaped recess on the screw head that fits a corresponding Phillips screwdriver. Phillips provides high torque and reduces cam-out but can be prone to stripping or rounding of the screw head.

A slotted drive system uses a slot on the head of a screw or bolt that fits a flathead driver tool to turn it. It’s an older and less reliable system that can easily slip and cause damage.

A combo drive system has both a Phillips and slotted drive on the head of the screw or bolt, offering users more versatility and convenience in tightening or loosening. It’s commonly used in various applications.

A hex drive system uses a hexagonal socket on the head of a screw or bolt and is turned with an Allen wrench or hex key. It’s commonly used in high-torque applications and prevents slipping or stripping of the fastener.

Torx Plus is an updated version of the Torx drive system with a more rounded and tapered star-shaped socket, offering better torque transfer and reduced wear. It’s compatible with standard Torx drivers and commonly used in high-torque applications.

A torx drive system uses a six-pointed star-shaped socket on the head of a screw or bolt and is turned with a torx screwdriver or key. It provides better torque transfer and is commonly used in precision industries like electronics, automotive, and aerospace.

6 lobe in drive systems feature a six-pointed star-shaped socket that matches a corresponding driver bit to transfer torque to a fastener. They offer advantages such as increased torque transfer and reduced cam-out, and are commonly used in various applications.

Sockets in drive systems for thread formers transfer torque from a drive tool to a thread former, allowing for efficient creation of threads. They come in various sizes and shapes and are typically made of high-speed steel, carbide, or cobalt.