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These spacers are perfect for situations where they need to be strong and cheap. Low-carbon steel spacers are used frequently in the automotive and electrical manufacturing industries.

Because they don’t rust, these spacers are great for marine and chemical applications. Nickel stainless steel spacers are used in the food processing, medical, and pharmaceutical fields.

These spacers are incredibly lightweight and are ideal for applications where weight is a primary concern. Aluminum spacers are commonly used in the aerospace, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

These spacers are hollow and are used to separate or support components while providing insulation and vibration damping. Tubular spacers are commonly used in electrical and automotive applications.

These spacers are designed to be used in applications where a through hole is not possible or desirable. Blind spacers provide consistent spacing between components and are commonly used in electronics and telecommunications applications.

These spacers are made from a single, solid piece of material and are ideal for applications with high strength and rigidity. Solid spacers are commonly used in the automotive industry.

These spacers are split down the center, allowing them to be easily installed or removed in tight spaces. Split spacers are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

These nuts are a type of blind fastener that is designed to be installed from one side of a panel or structure. Rivet nuts provide a solid and secure fastening and are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

Choosing the correct spacer supplier for your team is critical to ensuring your manufacturing is done on time and in the correct way. Classic Fasteners has the experience and expertise to engineer, source, stock and ship the correct screw for your application.