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The Evolution Of Fastener Materials: From Iron To Titanium

Accessing Iron To Titanium Fastener Materials With Classical Knowledge Classic Fasteners LLC, based in St. Charles, IL, stood out for quality, trust, and expertise. On a journey that began on November 1, 2010, with three decades of fastener experience, we’ve seen materials change and the industry change, and we’ve led the way. Which fastener should […]

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Fastener Sizes Explained: A Handy Guide For Professionals And DIYers

A Handy Guide To Fastener Sizes For Professionals And Amateurs It can be difficult to navigate the complex world of fasteners. However, with the right guide and partner, the experience becomes seamless. Since 2010, Classic Fasteners LLC has served as a beacon of trust and dependability in the fastener industry. With a three-decade history, we’re […]

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Precision In Every Connection: The Science Of Fastener Engineering

Precision. Durability. Reliability. These are the pillars of fastener engineering that businesses across industries rely on to ensure the integrity of their connections. The importance of selecting the right fastener, from aerospace to automotive, construction to electronics, cannot be overstated. Fasteners hold our world together, providing the stability and strength necessary for the seamless operation […]

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Brass Fasteners: Fastener, Fitting, Insert, Bushing, T’s – Reliability

At the core of our operations, we champion the principles of service, reliability, and function. Our brass fasteners, inserts, and bushings embody these principles, offering reliable connections that endure heavy-duty use and stress. Our made to print brass parts provide reliable solutions for various applications. At Classic Fasteners LLC, our brass fasteners can provide your […]

Barrel Nuts

Ideal for use in furniture or cabinetry, these nuts feature a barrel-shaped design that allows them to be inserted into pre-drilled holes.

Acorn Nuts

These nuts feature a rounded top that covers the end of a bolt or screw, providing protection and a decorative finish.